Readynas OS 6.0.8

And just after my post about my new Readynas 516, Netgear released Firmwareupdate 6.0.8, who seems to solov many of my issues. The add-ons now work perfectly, and no stability issues so far. Yey.


The new media hub: The Readynas 516 first look

AsRN516_HiRes18-73225 more and more of my DVD and Blu-ray collection finds its way to my Readynas Ultra 4 running a PLEX server, I decided more power was needed. and the new Readynas 516 looked to be everything I needed. powerful CPU, ample space, and the possibility to extend the unit using eSATA if in the future 6 disks aren’t enough. Good cloud connections, integrated PLEX server, and my familiarity with Netgear Readynas products made the unit my first choice.

Receiving the unit, the hardware looked to be everything I hoped for. Good build quality, nice to look at on my desk, and the performance running everyday tasks like PLEX transcoding, phenomenal compared to the Ultra 4 plus.

However I do feel somewhat like a beta tester. The new Readynas OS6 looks sleek, and when it works, it is. However parts of the new OS, especially the Genie app store, and the OS add-on handling is bug ridden, requiring you to SSH into the box to do something as simple as updating the PLEX server.

Netgear seems to have done a good job on the hardware, but its new Firmware still needs a great deal of work. As I am used to the rather old faction Readynas OS4 running on the Ultra 4 it is a welcome change in terms of user friendliness, and technology. But the new firmware is miles behind when it comes to stability. Rest assure, Netgear will get there. The firmware is already version 6.0.7 after only a few months, showing signs of improvement. Give add-on developers some time as well, and my belive is that we will se a very successful and user friendly range of NASes from Netgear

Plex (software)
Plex (software) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple and iOS suddenly became relevant again

When it comes to Technology, I see myself as above average interested. That is also why, like my wife become feed up with looking at the same clothes in her wardrobe all the time, I get fed up at looking at my same home-screen andi icons all the time. My problem has up until now been that even though my old iPhone 4 gets the job done, and I have invested quite a bit of money into the platform, I am fed up with the way it looks, I am fed having to enter settings to turn on my Bluetooth.

I was so fed up, that i gave WP8 a test run, and even though a great system, it is for me still to immature, and I was missing features I am so used to on the iPhone, like quick scrolling to the top of a page. So I ended up back with Apple, but still bored.

Not any more. In my opinion, iOS 7 is from a design point of view, the perfect mix between WP8 and Android. Flat, but not boring, adaptable, but still user-friendly. The control centre solves my biggest problem with iOS the cumbersome access to often used settings, and the access to spotlight from any home screen is a fantastic move.

iCloud integration is better, but I still don’t think I will be using iCloud Key-chain as my main password manager, it’s just not flexible enough. Make an app that can extract the info from the key chain with a master password, then I might consider it. But for Wi-FI passwords and the likes. It’s fantastic.

OS X 10.9 is moving in a different direction than Microsoft. Apple are still focusing on the desktop, and even though I like Windows 8, in my opinion, a separate desktop os and a unified mobile os still works better than trying to do it all with one single OS.