Why Windows 8 is the best Windows around

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Windows 8 is getting a lot of heat in the media. The last thing I read this morning was that Windows 8 was the reason for why computer sales have dropped. I disagree. There is no sole reason for the PC sales statistics, and if Windows 8 is a part of why PC sales are down, it is in my opinion not because of Windows 8, but because of media and bloggers have made a sport out of bashing Windows 8.

Windows 8 is often compared to Vista. Why. Because Vista was also a Windows OS, that didn’t catch on. But the reason the two OSes  don’t catch on is in my opinion vastly different. For anyone, who have tried the two OSes, know that they are both actually very good OSes, but they where the ones who made way for the next one.

Vistas biggest problem was the amount of resources it needed to run smoothly. In terms of safety, and features, it was way better than XP, but Vistas love for hogging up resources, was its downfall. That and the fact that a changed  way of makeing the drivers made a lot of people struggle because third-party drivers was non existent or badly programmed. When service pack 1 arrived Vista became a good OS, if you had the hardware to run it.

So Vistas problem can be easily identified, what then are Windows 8’s downfall.

Start ScreenWindows 8 is a great OS, it’s lightening fast. I perceive the interface, including the desktop app to be even faster than Windows 7. In terms of performance in games they seem to perform much the same as in Windows 7. Compatibility with older games is better than Win 7. Starcraft 1 for instance runs without a hitch, no color error, so often seen on windows 7 it just runs. The new start screen is fast, and searches are instant, much like Apples spotlight. What then is Windows 8’s problem. The problem is that people don’t like change, and stock Windows 8 demands one mouse click to be in your beloved desktop, this seems to be too much for most people reviewing computer software. But Windows 8 is giving you so much more, I must admit that I mostly use the desktop for work, but I also run Windows 8 on my media centre computer, and on this computer I never use the desktop, I only get a small glimpse of it before the PLEX splash screen. Netflix, YouTube, Web TV, it all run from the Windows 8 style start screen, and the beauty of it, my 4-year-old daughter can now move the mouse to one of the big icons, press the button once, try making a child do a double click, and start her favorite video on YouTube. I love it. and it wouldn’t be possible on a windows 7 pc. I do not miss the start menu, the start screen work just as well. And if you miss it, install Start 8

Windows 8 has all the features of a full-blown Desktop os, and all the features of a tablet, I don’t know how you can’t love that. And the beauty of windows, if you want it too look the same as it always has, you can, just tweak it.

One thing though, Microsoft are you listening. When installing the OS, I want a selection of what I want to run as default programs, on my work computer. I don’t want the Windows 8 style apps to be my default apps, I don’t want to leave my desktop when clicking an image in file explorer. What about a choise when installing, what will be tha main use of this computer. Work emphasizes on the desktop, Media emphasize on the Windows 8 style apps, and for the advanced user, choose what to use as default programs.


Bottom line, if you want a better OS, choose Windows 8, accept it as it is, or tweet it, your choice, but it is the best windows OS available.



3 thoughts on “Why Windows 8 is the best Windows around

  1. I’ve got to admit that I really doubted Windows 8 when I originally saw it. However I gave it a chance and picked up a Samsung tablet and now I love it. It gives the best of both worlds, a full desktop OS with a touch screen OS. I couldn’t see myself using this on my gaming rig though, it needs touch screen interface to really take advantage.

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